Is an entrepreneurial, full service ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING firm providing ELEVATORS, ESCALATORS and HOISTS services to a diverse and growing client base around South Africa, Ideally structured to handle diverse types and sizes of projects is a competitive advantage valued by clients; INTERNALLY, the structure allows for career growth, challenge, creativity and innovation, safety and career development. The organization has always recognized that having the right people is paramount to its ability to provide exceptional service to client.


To become leaders in LIFT / ELEVATOR & ESCALATOR INDUSTRY through provision of holistic, innovative, and exceptional services in Africa.


Our customers are always treated with dignity and fairness through the provision of high quality professional services to meet customer’s objectives within the budget, time and quality requirements, through the use of current technology, innovative ideas and excellent professionalism and dedication, we will meet all obligations to our clients, employees and society.

We are constantly updating our technical capability in order to offer new technological solutions with our cost effective and environmental friendly PRODUCT.


  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Commitment


We are committed to provide development and training opportunities for all our  employees so they have opportunities to develop personally and further their careers and contribute as effectively as possible to the achievement of the organization’s overall objectives


Maintain beneficial supplier partnerships to insure that our needs and expectations for products and services are met.

Our goal is delivering reliability, fewer service calls and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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